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Estate Planning & Administration


Carry out your final wishes the way you want, without the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania interfering. We will help you list out and evaluate your goals so you can create and execute a will, an estate plan, or a trust that can protect your assets and interests.We will also help you probate the Estate of your loved ones and guide you through the entire estate administration.
If you have been sued by a creditor or debt collection agency or facing repossession or foreclosure, we are here to help! Clair M. Stewart, Attorney at Law can help you make responsible and smart financial decisions so you can get a "fresh start". We will assist you in filing for protection under the Bankruptcy Code to protect you and get you back on track!
Credit Repair
Client Testimonials
"My Life-Saving Experience"​

"Claire did the impossible she stopped my eviction and reversed my Sheriff sale as well as my foreclosure my life and family were in shambles all I can say is if you are looking for a genuine and qualified attorney, she is the real deal her compassion and skills, as well as her honesty, is phenomenal words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for what she has done as an attorney " - Lorna

"Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Town"

"Claire was extremely persistent in my case and always kept me up-to-date with my bankruptcy Proceedings! " - Neisha

"Excellent Attorney"

"We worked with Clair and couldn't have been happier. She knows her stuff and operates with complete confidence in the courtroom. The outcome of our case was exactly what we had hoped for. I highly recommend Attorney
Stewart."  - Tracy

"Excellent Service"

"We hired Claire to assist us in a bankruptcy case and she did everything that she needed to do to file the bankruptcy for us. We were very pleased with her work". - Irene

Client Testimonial

​"Claire was very helpful with everything if we called her any time of the day she would respond she helped with any concerns we had made sure she was at every court date. Claire made it easy for us! I would recommend her to everyone."
- Monica Phillips

"Satisfied Client"

"Highly recommended. Clair Stewart is my attorney from this point forward." - Anonymous​


"Clair is very professional, she assisted me with my bankruptcy case and was empathetic with my situation. I have recommended, Clair, to a couple of my family members." - Alicia

Client Testimonial

"Clair was easy to speak to regarding a sensitive subject such as bankruptcy. Clair made the process easy to understand by providing clear instructions on dealing with financial institutions and always returned my messages, which I found calmed by insecurities about filing for bankruptcy. I highly recommend Clair as an attorney. " - Kathy

​"Got the Job Done!"

"Clair helped me defend myself from big bank hegemony after foreclosure and prevented me from sustaining further damage(s). She understood exactly what was going on and knew exactly what to do. She has also counseled me on credit report/rating and provided references to other attorneys for other legal matters. She did an awesome job on all these fronts. I would hire her again if I could. Regardless of the topic, she'll give it to you straight. Thanks, Clair!" - Anonymous

Client Testimonial

"She helped my mother-in-law sell her home. It was a very complicated transaction because my mother-in-law lived in a different state." - Anonymous

Client Testimonial

"I went to Clair to have a will drawn up last year. Whenever I had a question, either by phone or email, she answered quickly and with thoughtful and helpful responses. She also followed up with additional suggestions to make things easier for my executors. In the future, I plan on finalizing other documents and will contact Clair to do them. My experience with her was positive and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others." - Anonymous

Client Testimonial

"I hired Clair in 2017 to complete the filing of my mother's estate. She was always very responsive and helpful in answering my questions, and I was happy with the service that she provided." - Maureen

Client Testimonial

"Clair was very helpful with information and taking care of my father's estate when my family was not familiar with the process. " - Karen
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