Are you getting harassing phone calls from creditors about debts that you just can't pay? Has your bank account been frozen? Have you been sued or being threatened with lawsuits, repossession or foreclosure?

At Clair M. Stewart, Attorney at Law, we understand that these situations are stressful.  We are a Debt Relief Agency and have experience helping individuals and families file for protection under the Bankruptcy Code. We have experience in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and are well versed in the The New Bankruptcy Law that went into effect on on October 17,2005. 

There is no shame associated with filing for bankruptcy. In fact, it is a very smart  and responsible move for those individuals who are financially stressed and looking to get a "fresh start".   

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Estate Planning and Administration

Estate Planning is very important and has many benefits because it ensures that your final wishes are carried out as you intend - not how the government chooses.  That’s right! If you do not create a will or a trust, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will determine how your assets are to be distributed
Clair M. Stewart will listen to and evaluate your goals and then ensure that your assets and interests are protected in the creation of a proper estate plan, executed will or trust and optional accompanying documents such as a living will and durable power of attorney.

Estate planning leads to the Estate Administration when your loved one has passed away.  If you have been named as an executor of an estate, the law office of Clair M. Stewart, Attorney at Law, can assist you through all of the legal steps of the process. The entire process is very involved and typically takes about one (1) year.  Some transactions can avoid probate through joint ownership or trusts; but the administrator or executor still has the responsibility to fulfill many of the other duties of administering an estate, such as filing the will, collecting assets, paying creditors, filing required tax returns and filing a final account.

Our firm can handle the planning and complete administration of the estate from beginning to end.  Contact  your Philadelphia estate planning attorney, Clair M. Stewart, at 215-564-5150 for your consultation. 


At times an individual may become incapable of making many critical and important decisions for themselves. As your elder law attorney, Clair M. Stewart, can help you in becoming the appointed Guardian of your loved one,by ensuring their security and that you will be in control of decisions relating to his or her person and property.

The main reason for guardianship is to expedite necessary medical care, but there are also other reasons.  A guardian of an individual is responsible for his ward's health and personal care.  A guardian of the estate manages the assets of the individual and is in turn accountable to the court.  Most importantly, a single individual may serve in both capacities.

Legal guardianship in Pennsylvania is a court dependent proceeding in which a guardian is appointed to manage the person and most often, the estate of an incapacitated person. A Pennsylvania guardianship can be established over minors, the mentally ill, the developmentally challenged, those who are frail and anyone else the court finds to be unable to properly function in certain areas, which may include handling money, driving a car or making medical decisions. 

Contact  the law firm of Clair M. Stewart, Attorney at Law to find out more about legal guardianship in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

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Consumer Law

If you are being sued or threatened with a lawsuit by a collection agency, contact the law office of Clair M. Stewart, Attorney at Law to protect your money and your rights.  Many collection agencies such as, FIA Card Services, Portfolio Recovery, LVNV, Unifund, Capital One, Remit and Worldwide Assets, purchase bulks of consumer credit card debts and attempt to collect them.  However, they don't always obtain the necessary paperwork in order for them to collect the debt from you and prove their case in Court.  We defend consumers against these collectors to defeat these lawsuits or negotiate a reduced settlement amount. Let us help you.  

Contact your Philadelphia Consumer Law attorney, Clair M. Stewart, at 215-564-5150 to schedule a consultation.

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Mortgage foreclosures are rampant during these economic times and we defend homewoners from mortgage foreclosure actions.  Mortgage lenders are required to comply with federal regulations when issuing mortgages to homeowners.  Predatory lenders, however, take advantage of elderly, less-educated and non-English-speaking individuals by offering egregious loan terms that would drain equity and eventually lead to foreclosure on their homes.  Signs of predatory loans include: adjustable interest rates, baloon payments (a large lump sum payment at the end of the mortgage term), pre-payment penalties ( a penalty for paying off your loan early) and high miscellaneous fees.  

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Family Law 

The law firm of Clair M. Stewart, Attorney at Law has a wide range of experience in practicing family law.  We handle all areas of family law matters, including:

-Divorce-Prenuptial Agreements
-Child custody (and modifications)-Postnuptial Agreements
-Child support (and modifications) -Paternity
-Visitation rights      -Adoptions

We are caring and compassionate and are able to provide our clients with the highest quality legal services in the area at an affordable price.

When you are faced with an important life decision regarding a key family relationship, you need the expert advice and assistance of an experienced Philadelphia divorce and family law attorney, such as Clair M. Stewart.  Contact us at 215-964-8183 or fill out our Legal Intake Form to schedule your consultation.

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